Biofuelwatch works to raise awareness of the negative impacts of industrial biofuels and bioenergy on biodiversity, human rights, food sovereignty and climate change. Based in UK and US, we work with national and international partners to expose and oppose the social and environmental damages resulting from bioenergy-driven increased demand for industrial agriculture and forestry monocultures.
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GE Trees: Columbus Day and the Colonization of Land, Trees and Genes

Photo credit Orin Langelle

Huffington Post article by Rachel Smolker

I spent the past several days participating in the Indigenous Environmental Network Campaign to Stop GE Trees Action Camp in the Qualla Boundary, homelands of the Eastern Band Cherokee in North Carolina. Participants included members of tribes across the Southeast, who came to learn more →

‘Climate Smart Agriculture’? We say no


Serious concerns have been raised by over 100 civil-society organisations about the so-called “Global Alliance for Climate- Smart Agriculture” launched at the UN’s Climate Summit. Signatories to an open letter rejected the Alliance as a “deceptive and deeply contradictory initiative”. The Alliance includes more than 20 governments, 30 organisations and corporations, including Fortune 500 more →

Green Investment Bank 2nd Birthday protest

Credit: Guy Bell

Tuesday 28th October at 17:00 Bank of America Merrill Lynch, 2 King Edward Street, London, EC1A 1HQ

Plus: London Biomassive is gathering to make props in SE London on the evening of Thursday 16th October. Contact if you’d like to join us!

Marking the Green Investment Bank’s 2 years of wilful not-green more →

Palawan: Resistance to oil palm plantations continues

Members of the Coalition Against Land Grabbing

On the Philippine island Palawan, local resistance against oil palm plantations is continuing and strengthening: Over 4,200 individuals from local communities affected by palm oil have signed a petition calling for a moratorium on the expansion of oil palm plantations. The petition has been presented to the Vice-Governor by the recently established Coalition Against more →